Bootstrapping Betties FAQs

  • Bootstrapping Betties is an empowerment platform for aspiring women entrepreneurs who want results, resources and real business knowledge to kick start their business by bootstrapping.

  • We provide a communally supportive environment focused on achieving results and planning for success as solo, entre or mom-preneurs. We show women how to use smart bootstrapping behaviors to build their business from scratch or reinvest profits in their company’s growth. Our Get together — get it done! program guides women through the process of bootstrapping and business planning.

  • Any woman who is searching for the tools and support needed to startup or invest in their business through bootstrapping. We attract professional, fun, honest and warm women who are truly serious about starting or investing in a business and are deeply devoted to working together to support individual strengths, passions, influence and talents.

  • While many groups cater to providing resources, connections and workshops for women entrepreneurs — Bootstrapping Betties is the only forum that connects local women into small groups to concentrate specifically on bootstrapping with the outcome of creating an actual business plan. Bootstrapping Betties fosters a culture that promotes one other, lifts each other up, and helps give attention and voice to all that we’re each trying to do. What we all have in common is our desire to make it happen and our commitment to follow through.

  • Get together — get it done! is a twelve-week program that meets once a week for 90 minutes. You will have homework each week based on our Certified Entrepreneur curriculum that will easily guide you through the steps of creating your business plan. Nothing kills progress like lost momentum. Consistency is the key to your success. This is why we meet weekly, not just once a month.

  • Besides missing out on all the great stuff covered at the meetings and the support and encouragement you receive from others in the group, you could also be missing out on that one catalyst you need to move ahead. 

    Your heart would break if you were the woman who did show up and no one else did. Or you watched the group dwindle down to only a few. We want you to sign up in confidence that the others who sign up are also committed to being there. 

    We don’t offer refunds for meeting cancellations or no-shows. We ask that each of our Bootstrapping Betties make a commitment to their own success and to foster group trust with their Bootstrapping comrades by going to every meeting.

  • Most of world’s startups bootstrap their business because of the unmatched control and independence it offers. You can avoid debt by not relying upon outside banks for funding. By bootstrapping, you can keep your operating costs low, have fast inventory turnaround, and follow a cash-only approach to selling.

  • Many of today’s largest corporations (such as Apple computer, Clorox Co., Coca Cola, Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft) began as boot-strapped ventures. All types of companies can successfully bootstrap as long as business goals are clear and guided by a solid plan for change and growth.